Optimistic tips


Consider that a bottle of water is half-full rather than half-empty.

Read only good books: full of humor, interesting, optimistic.

Do good deeds around you: once per day or once per week, at least.

Repeat to yourself often that all is going along well.

Offer one rose per week to a person of your choice.

Smile more often, including to yourself !

Choose your friends carefully: optimists, of course.

Write an optimistic message or phrase, such as "Be happy" or another positive message on the opening screen of your computer and mobile phone.

Transmit good news to all your friends.

Choose posters and decoration in your home, office and car so that they contribute to the visitor's pleasure and create a positive state of mind.

Enjoy watching nice movies, and don't forget to laugh.

Improve the world around you and help others when you can, and you will see that good luck comes by itself.

Adopt a natural and varied diet, rich in raw fruits and vegetables, and stick to whole living foods as much as possible.

Cultivate positive thoughts in your mind while going asleep: the quality of your dreams will improve.

Do everything you can so that things go well, you will see that things will go better and better over time.

Rejoice : life is beautiful.

Enjoy each second!