Local correspondents

The movement has local correspondents in various areas throughout the world. Complete this page and click on "Validate" to become a local correspondent of the OPTIMISTIC MOVEMENT in your area.

The LOCAL CORRESPONDENT's role is to contribute in spreading the information and developping the activities of the OPTIMISTS around them, in their local area, their city, their region, their country, for example by speaking about OPTIMISM to their friends or colleagues, by forming a local group, by spreading information, by signing and circulating the petition, by establishing local contacts, by inserting information or articles in local bulletins, by answering simple questions, by forwarding e-mail information… Their contribution is on a volunteer basis, and no specific task is demanded. Each local correspondent contributes in his own way, in his local area, to informing the public. LOCAL CORRESPONDENTS in foreign countries may also cooperate by organizing press information campaigns, by preparing local actions, or by translating in their language some of the association's documents and newsletters. The OPTIMISTIC MOVEMENT is glad to welcome all well-intended persons who wish to contribute. It may happen that there are several LOCAL CORRESPONDENTS working in the same area or country. In this case, they can unite to form a local group and coordinate their efforts. All suggestions are welcome.

Becoming a LOCAL OPTIMIST does not imply any obligation such as participating in meetings (unless you want to), and consists in willing to contribute to the local development of OPTIMISM.

First name and NAME*

Ex : John SMITH


Ex : 3 Bear Valley Road

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Ex : San Diego CA 92103


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Ex : I am bilingual french/english

I consider the objectives of the OPTIMISTIC MOVEMENT cited above as respectable
and I accept to be a LOCAL CORRESPONDENT in the following area :

(Ex : Local correspondent in San Diego, or : Local correspondent in Japan)

your application will be submitted to the approval of the Board of Directors in its next meeting.