Honorific Committee



The OPTIMISTIC MOVEMENT has an HONORIFIC COMMITTEE which gathers important personalities, who bring their moral support to the OPTIMISTIC MOVEMENT.

To become a member of the HONORIFIC COMMITTEE:

1/ You may apply spontaneously or be contacted by the OPTIMISTIC MOVEMENT.

2/ Fill, sign and send the special form to apply as a member of the HONORIFIC COMMITTEE.

3/ Your application will be accepted or not by the Board of Directors of the MOVEMENT.

Only important personalities, who of course agree to our action, will be accepted.

The Optimistic Movement aims at "informing the public about the virtues of optimism, and gathering citizens who agree that optimism can contribute to improve our behaviors, our health, our performances, human relations, and that it can improve as well individuals and society, with respect to each other and nature, and to implement an optimistic program to improve society." (quoted from the by-laws of the Optimistic Movement).

Members of the HONORIFIC COMMITTEE support the OPTIMISTIC MOVEMENT thanks to their experience, their advice, and their help in determining the strategy of the OPTIMISTIC MOVEMENT.

The only obligation of the members of the HONORIFIC COMMITTEE is to agree with, and encourage morally, the aims of our association. They do not need to pay any dues and they do not need to participate in any meetings, unless they want too.

If you think our action is respectable, if your profile corresponds (you are a prominent personality in your area of competence) and if you wish to do so, you can submit you application by using the form for applying to this Committee.

If your profile does not correspond, you are nevertheless welcome amongst the OPTIMISTS, and you can apply instead as a local correspondent in your area.


Apply as a member of the HONOROFIC COMMITTEE

List of members of the Board of Directors - Form to become a local corespondent